Now is the time to experience the Audi of your dreams with the Audi Driving Experience for 2007. Participants who wish to engage in this special Audi event must register with Audi at their website and then they will have a chance to drive cars such as the Audi TT, A4, RS4, and even the R8. The event will take place in different cities across the United States. Driving enthusiasts who are really serious about the event may opt for the ½ day driving enthusiast program which gives drivers the chance to learn fundamental driving skills and a chance to pilot the Audi RS4 around the racetrack. Instructions are provided by professional drivers. This program will cost you though , ringing in at $595. Audi Driving Experience 2007: Here are the Cities and Dates for the Events: Miami -July and October Chicago- August and October New York- August and October San Francisco-September and December Los Angeles- November and December

Audi Driving Experience 2007