Last night, Chevy unveiled the all-new Suburban and Tahoe. The new models usher in a new generation of SUVs for General Motors, and in the coming months, we’ll see GMC and Cadillac update their respected brand siblings. But it appears we can see the Cadillac long before the luxury brand wants us to. Three photos shared on Instagram appear to provide our first look at the next-generation Cadillac Escalade.

The photos appear to come from inside a factory – you can see other GM SUVs in the background. The completely uncovered Cadillac shows off its massive grille and thin headlights, mimicking the front-end design of the new Suburban/Tahoe, which also has small headlights and a massive grille. The new Cadillac image also matches what we’ve seen in spy photos – a prominent grille, tiny headlights, and a bold chrome strip at the front of the hood. 


A second photo provides a profile view of the SUV. The leaked Escalade and new Tahoe appear to share the same upward kick in the sheet metal at the back of the rear doors. Chrome accents add contrast to the SUV’s slab-sided design, surrounding the greenhouse, accenting the bottom of the doors, and capping the mirrors. 

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There’s also a photo of the Escalade’s interior. A lot of it is covered, but the digital instrument cluster is visible along with bits of the dash, which appears quite different compared to the Chevys’ interiors. It appears to feature the same monostable shifter as the XT6, which helps clear up even more interior space in the cavernous SUV. However, it looks different than previous, alleged, Cadillac interior spy photos. 

With the new Suburban and Tahoe revealed and set to arrive at dealerships in mid-2020 as a 2021 model, the Cadillac Escalade debut should happen soon. Auto show season is afoot, and any of them would be an excellent venue for the luxury SUV. Though it appears all we’ll need then is information about the new model. 

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