Porsche has announced plans to hybridize its entire lineup in the following years.

Porsche has announced plans to hybridize its entire lineup in the following years.

The company's representative Daniel Semmer declared at Porsche's Panamera Hybrid technology workshop that a new hybrid module has been developed and will be compatible with all upcoming models. The module manages to combine an electric motor and clutches into a single unit.

It's a decision part of Porsche's objective to cut fuel consumption and the first step has already been taken with the plug-in hybrid variant of the Panamera. The next stage will occur in 2016-2017 when Porsche's cars will interact more intelligently with surroundings using new technology such as the info grabbed from extremely detailed road maps which will include info like inclines and radius of incoming corners. The cars will automatically choose the "correct" driving mode to match the road up ahead.

The next-gen plug-in transmission will make its appearance on the next generation Panamera due towards the end of 2016 which will ride on a new RWD/AWD platform dubbed MSB. Future Bentley models will also utilize MSB and in 2017 the all-new Flying Spur will be probably offered in a hybrid version.

This new hybrid module will be more powerful than the 94 bhp (70 kW) electric motor inside the current Panamera E-Hybrid and will be both water- and air-cooled. It will work together with a more energy-dense battery pack and will feature a lighter wiring loom as copper wires will be replaced by aluminum ones.

Porsche has also revealed they are developing a new induction system which can be installed in household garages. It will eliminate charging cables as induction charging will enable the battery to be recharged by simply being in the nearby vicinity of the charger.