The Tesla Model S is turning out to be a huge hit in United States as it managed to outsell important names in the segment.

CNN Money is reporting Tesla Motors delivered 4,750 units of the Model S during the first three months of the year. In the exact same period, Mercedes-Benz sold 3,077 S-Class models, followed by BMW with 2,338 7-Series units and Audi with just 1,462 A8s.

One of the explanations for these results is the price advantage of the Model S which starts from 69,900 USD (even less with tax incentives), while the others are considerably more expensive: A8 (73,095 USD), 7-Series (74,525 USD) and S-Class (93,255 USD).

Tesla Motors recently launched a range-topping version of the Model S dubbed Performance Plus available exclusively for the 85 kWh Performance model. It brings updated dampers, bushings and stabilizer bars, together with 20mm wider rear tires. Tesla says range is increased by 6 - 12 miles (9.6 km - 19.3 km) and acceleration is quicker thanks to new Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 staggered tires.

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