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The Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is one eye-tearing muscle car available in the market today. With a V8 Hemi engine roaring under its hood, it can produce up to 717 horsepower (535 kiloWatts) and 656 pound-feet (889 Newton-meters) of torque. It's a fast machine, so to speak, and ultimately the next best thing to the Dodge Demon

But, what's better than the Challenger SRT Hellcat? A tuned one, of course, and this one made by AEC gave the Hellcat more oomph for the European market. It's called the Hellcat XR, and it's limited in numbers, too, with only 80 units made.

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Our colleagues from Motor1 Germany were able to test a Hellcat XR out, and they too were amazed by the unleashed potential of the angry cat.

In order to make things better, the Hellcat XR is equipped with 2.4-Liter twin-screw supercharger. It also got an in-house chip tuning and a smaller gear ratio for better and more abrupt power delivery to the rear wheels. With that, you could expect the Hellcat XR to accelerate like madness even at higher gears. AEC even added a performance flap exhaust system for added excitement.

With these modifications in place, the Hellcat XR is rated at 888 hp (662 kW) and 737 lb-ft (999 Nm) of torque. Those numbers are more than what the Demon with a red key could produce, mind you.

So how does the Hellcat XR accelerate? Youtube's AutoTopNL was able to get their hands on one and played with it on unrestricted sections of the Autobahn. Watch their video on top of this page and let us know if the AEC modifications are all worth it.

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