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After lots of previous rumors, it doesn't look like a convertible version of the new Toyota Supra is coming. While the automaker is dropping the idea, rendering artists are picking up the torch by imagining how the droptop might look. This one is from Jonsibal.


The open-roof Supra looks stock until you get to the windshield where Jonsibal slices off most of the top crossmember of the windshield. He adds angular nacelles above each seat. There isn't a seam for stowing a folding roof, so it appears that Jonsibal doesn't intend for this vehicle to have any kind of top. A small spoiler attaches to the rear deck.

Given the relative simplicity of this design, it's something that an enterprising aftermarket firm might be able to build. Since the Supra has a close relationship with the convertible BMW Z4, the Toyota's chassis might not even much extra reinforcement to cope with taking the roof off.

Jonsibal's rendering appears to wear the front end parts from Evasive Motorsports with a more aggressive front splitter and vertical strakes at the corners. He also fits a set of BMW wheels that match this Supra's look very well.

According to Supra Chief Engineer Tetsuya Tada, a full convertible version of the new model is unlikely because it would step on the toes of the BMW Z4 that rides on the same platform. However, there's at least a chance for one with a removable targa-style roof. Nothing is certain, yet.

The Supra is still so new that Toyota isn't yet discussing specifics about future variants of the model. In addition to the potential for a targa, the company is also reportedly investigating making a more powerful variant or maybe a version with a manual gearbox.

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