Still seething over Ford’s decision to brand its new electric four-door crossover a Mustang? Rumors have swirled for some time that General Motors could ultimately create a Corvette sub-brand, and a recent report from Motor Trend doesn’t completely shut the door on such a notion. The word reportedly comes from GM CEO Mary Barra, who suggested a Corvette sub-brand was unlikely but didn’t rule out the idea.

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As quoted by Motor Trend, Barra reportedly said “you have to be really careful…” and later said, “I’m not going to say never, but I think if General Motors were to ever do anything, we would assess it very, very carefully.” The million-dollar question at this point is whether that assessment is already in progress, and that’s where GM is mum on the subject.

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Would a Corvette sub-brand make sense? From a financial perspective it seems a near certainty, at least according to a report from Morgan Stanley contributor and auto industry analyst Adam Jonas. He believes such a sub-brand could ultimately be worth upwards of $12 billion, though that certainly depends on the models the Corvette brand would offer. Some would argue that Corvette is already something of a sub-brand, with base-model C7 sports cars available under $60,000 and a range of variants that lead to the $120,000, 755-horsepower ZR1. Of course, in this context we’re talking about Corvette crossovers, Corvette EVs, and possibly even Corvette sedans to accompany the mid-engined 2020 C8 Stingray.

It’s certainly a concept that’s been floated – hence our motivation to create a Corvette SUV rendering of our own. Barra certainly downplays the possibility of such a thing happening in Motor Trend’s article, but you can bet GM executives are watching Ford very closely to see how its Mustang sub-brand ultimately pans out.

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