Living in a converted Ford shuttle bus as a couple with two young children and traveling to America's many national parks sounds like heaven to some and utter hell to others. David and Madison Bowman, plus their kids, have made it work, though. Check out the clip above for a tour of their home on wheels and the video below for an explanation for their decisions in choosing it.

Gallery: American Field Trip Converted Ford Shuttle Van

The couple previously lived in a New York City apartment and decided to take on the adventure of visiting all 59 U.S. National Parks and a variety of places in between. They purchased a former Ford shuttle bus from Arizona and took on the challenge of converting it into a motorhome. 

The choice of a shuttle bus was because the size was the perfect fit. It was larger than a van but smaller than a school bus. An RV didn't work because none of them had an interior configuration that worked for their family. This was also cheaper. Plus, there was a safety advantage because this vehicle had a steel cage body structure, whereas a traditional motorhome is rather flimsy underneath the skin.

The couple initially planned for the trip to last 18 months, according to Business Insider. This way the family could drive around the country and be back in New York in time for their oldest son to start kindergarten. However, they eventually decided to homeschool him.

For the right person, this adventure looks exciting. The couple and their kids have been able to travel around the country and experienced things that many people have only thought about.

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