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Arguably the pickup with the most polarizing design we’ve seen in many years, the Tesla Cybertruck is still generating quite the controversy on the interwebs following its highly unconventional debut in L.A. a couple of weeks ago. The edgy ute has already been rendered in multiple body styles and also in some wild purely hypothetical flavors with a wide body and a Hellcat engine. Its avant-garde design partially inspired by the Lotus Esprit and the wedge era cars now has a correspondent in the world of personal computers, specifically Intel’s series of Next Unit of Computing.

Suitably launched on Cyber Monday, the CyberNUC is available from Dutch computer vendor MyElectronics and is compatible with all of Intel’s small form factor barebones computer kits from the fifth generation to the upcoming tenth-gen NUC due early 2020. It was actually designed by the retailer and has obvious Cybertruck cues mimicking the unusual roofline and greenhouse of Tesla’s electric pickup.

Gallery: CyberNUC computer case

The case’s stainless steel body does a decent job at mimicking the ultra-hard 30X steel bodywork of the Cybertruck, as do the wide bars at the front and back serving as a nod to the full-width LED strips of headlights and taillights of the Tesla truck. The case weighs only 2.2 pounds (1 kilogram) and boasts what the seller refers to as “rugged strength,” presumably as a nod to do the ultra-durable body of the Cybertruck with its unstampable steel.

While the Cybertruck won’t go into production until late 2021, its computer case counterpart will be available later this month for €121 ($134 at current exchange rates) after taxes. Shipping won’t cost you extra as MyElectronics says it will deliver the CyberNUC for free regardless of location.

CyberNUC computer case
Tesla Cybertruck Outdoor Image

It’s probably only a matter of time until we’ll see fullsize computer cases with Cybertruck-esque profiles, and who knows what other products will take inspiration from the opinion-splitting electric pickup truck.

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