Last year, the Chevy Blazer arrived with an iconic nameplate and wild styling. While its aggressive sheet metal hints at sportier aspirations, it lacks the necessary kick in the kidneys required for the "Performance Crossover" designation. Lingenfelter is about to change that according to a new, exclusive report from Muscle Cars and Trucks. The aftermarket tuning company will supercharge a Blazer's engine.

The supercharger system Lingenfelter will use wasn't designed for the Blazer. The kit started as a performance add-on for the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, which utilizes an Edelbrock TVS1740 supercharger. It bolts to the top of GM's LGX 3.6-liter V6 engine, which also powers the Blazer, and makes 450 horsepower (335 kilowatts) at the crank. The stock mill produces 308 hp (229 kW).

According to the report from Muscle Cars and Trucks, Lingenfelter will build a supercharged Blazer after discovering unexpected demand for such a build. The engine is the same between the trucks and crossover, and the supercharger will fit even though the Blazer's mill is positioned transversely under the hood. However, according to Lingenfelter Performance Engineering Vice President Mark Rapson, who spoke with the publication, all-wheel-drive would be required.

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It doesn't sound like Lingenfelter has decided to market the supercharger kit for the Blazer just yet. Head over to Lingenfelter's website, and you can find the supercharger package for the Colorado and Canyon listed for $6,995. There's nothing listed for the Blazer yet.

For now, Lingenfelter will build "one" supercharged Blazer. The tuner is likely looking at what other modifications are needed for the new crossover to handle the additional power while delivering it in a safe, fun way, too. If Chevy won't give consumers what they want, they aftermarket companies like Lingenfelter fill in the gaps. We may never get a Blazer SS; but, the aftermarket scene could offer something just as good, or better.

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