Headphone users beware because a drag race between a 1,000 horsepower Charger Hellcat and modded McLaren 720S is much louder than you think. Who will win, American muscle or European supercar perfection?

When owners of exciting performance cars like a McLaren 720S or Charger Hellcat take their cars to the track we’re all winners. To see these incredible machines in action is far better than a boring life stored in a garage collecting dust. Instead, these owners modded their cars for even more performance and now we get to watch them race for free on the internet. 

Gallery: Dodge Charger Hellcat Drag Races McLaren 720S, Both Are Modded

The Charger Hellcat features a semi-gutted interior with removed back seats, a smaller supercharger pulley, full exhaust system, e85 and tuning by Hydra Motor Works. All of these mods are good for over 900 horsepower which is sent through an 8-speed automatic to drag slicks. 

When it comes to mods the McLaren 720S has a simple ECU tune, exhaust downpipes, and sticky Toyo R888R tires. The McLaren’s horsepower is unknown but for context Weistec, a McLaren tuner offers a stage 1 tune that requires no hardware modifications and bumps the 720S’s stock 710 horsepower to 952. 

A Charger Hellcat starts at $67,495 while a McLaren 720S Spider featured in this race starts at an eye-watering $319,000. The large gap in base price transforms the way we look at this race. We’re not just seeing two modded V8s on a drag strip but instead the impressive performance available for an attainable price. 

Off the line, it’s a close race thanks to the Charger’s drag slicks and a huge amount of torque. Once the McLaren gets off the line, it quickly pulls a car length between itself and the Charger Hellcat. This race simply proves that watching two hugely powerful cars drive in a straight line is fun no matter who wins.

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