Earlier this month, McLaren revealed the latest addition to its Ultimate Series family of supercars. The Elva pays a nod to the company’s past sharing its name and design inspiration with the McLaren-Elva M1A of the 1960s. The roofless and windowless vehicle is unlike anything else sold today but ever since its debut, we’ve been asking ourselves if a hardtop configuration would actually fit the overall design. Now we have the answer.

And it’s very simple - yes, the Elva would look brilliant with a more traditional appearance as this rendering by Nikita Aksyonov shows. The supercar ditches its open-top design and gains a fixed roof accompanied by a more restrained layout of the panel that’s covering the engine. Plus, it’s now finished in sky blue hue to give the contrasting black carbon fiber components a chance to stand out in the mix.

Gallery: McLaren Elva Coupe rendering

Interestingly, during our first ride in the Elva, we discovered that, thanks to the Active Air Management System, the supercar feels pretty comfortable even without a windshield at speeds of up to 70 miles per hour. With the system deactivated, however, it was a completely different story: “When we approached 50 mph, our eyes completely welled up. At this point, we felt lucky we were in the passenger seat and not behind the wheel. Getting on to 70 mph, it became a struggle even to breath.”

Back to the Elva hardtop rendering, unfortunately, we don’t believe McLaren is even considering building such a vehicle. Instead, the British automaker will assemble exactly 399 units of the open-top variant, each carrying a starting price of an eye-watering $1,690,000. Deliveries should begin before the end of 2020.

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