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The Tesla Cybertruck is a lot of different things to a lot of different people. To some, Tesla’s electrified pickup is the future – a sci-fi-inspired vision of tomorrow’s truck. To others, it’s a laughingstock, a false start. Either way, Tesla knows how to make headlines, and it did not disappoint with the Cybertruck reveal last week. Tesla’s designers gave the truck an unconventional design, which has allowed some to imagine different versions of the truck. KDC Garage decided to apply the Cybertruck’s sharp-edged design to other body styles.

KDC’s stylistic exploration resulted in five new Tesla Cybertruck renderings – an extended-cab pickup, a coupe, one with a flat top, a panel van, and a wagon. The only conventional rendering is the pickup, and even that’s a stretch. The truck loses its rear triangular greenhouse over the bed. Instead, it’s replaced by a traditional-style truck bed with low sides that would allow someone to reach the bottom of the truck bed without having to climb into it.

One of the Cybertruck’s most intriguing design feature is its sharp-edged greenhouse. It gives the truck an instantly recognizable profile – there’s no confusing it with other trucks on the market. Two of KDC’s renderings give the Cybertruck a more traditional flat roof. Even with the flat roof, neither the two- nor four-door, flat-top renderings can overcome Tesla’s sharp styling.

Gallery: Tesla Cybertruck Renderings

The last two renderings give the Tesla Cyber truck an elongated roof, a bigger greenhouse, and, in one, more seats. One is a panel van, with stainless steel covering everything but the windows. The “wagon” takes the van’s design and adds windows, likely giving the vehicle an enormous interior.

The Tesla Cybertruck won’t enter production until the end of 2021. That gives Tesla a lot of time to change the design, which could happen. The truck will need to meet pedestrian and crash safety standards before going on sale. If the truck keeps its angular design and stainless-steel exterior, then maybe a wagon is possible. Maybe. Let Tesla get the Cybertruck on the road birst efore making demands for new body styles.

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