Cadillac has announced their Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system has progressed to the next stage of development.

Cadillac has announced their Super Cruise semi-autonomous driving system has progressed to the next stage of development.

Following the successful completion of early testing, the Super Cruise system is now ready for real-world driving. As a result, engineers will begin testing prototypes in more challenging situations and a wide variety of environments.

According to Jeremy Salinger, the Research & Development manager for Super Cruise, "The best way to achieve reliable performance is to gather as much data as possible in the conditions our customers will experience.”

As we have previously reported, the Super Cruise system can handle the car's steering, braking and acceleration under certain driving conditions. In order to achieve this, the system uses radar, ultrasonic sensors, cameras and GPS data to accurately determine the car's position and the location of other vehicles or obstacles.

By the time the system is available later this decade, GM will have tested it for hundreds of thousands of miles in various weather and traffic conditions.