Should Musk consider the offer?

Less than three days after the birth of the Tesla Cybertruck, a lot has already happened and we're glad that we were able to catch them all for you. One of the latest news we've caught is this – Trevor Milton, CEO of Nikola Motor Company, has offered to donate his company's truck design to Tesla.

In a recent social media post via Twitter, Milton posted a front and rear quarter rendering of a Nikola-branded pickup truck and addressed the post to Elon Musk himself.


The tweet read:

"Hey @elonmusk we don't build cars or trucks, but I'm happy to donate this truck design if your team wants to hit a broader market. My team designed it just in case and I'm happy to let you build it since we won't. Let me know and we can talk."

The rendering shows a conventionally-designed, albeit still futuristic, truck that's 78 inches wide, 220 inches long, and 72 inches tall. It seems like an honest offer from Milton but if you read between the lines, it sounded like a jab to Musk, implying that the latter's design isn't going to work.

Although Milton mentioned that Nikola doesn't build cars or trucks, both companies are competing within the Semi-making segment, with Tesla making an all-electric Semi and Nikola making electric semi-trucks as well. This makes them essentially competitors, plus the coincidence of both companies being named after the inventor Nikola Tesla is comically cunning.

Musk hasn't replied to the tweet as of this writing.

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