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When you first saw the seemingly reflective tonneau of the Tesla Cybertruck, what were the first things that came into your mind? If your answer is solar panels, well, we're on the same page as those were my first thoughts about that angled roof.

It turns out we're not alone, as people have been reaching out to Elon Musk about this idea on Twitter. Of course, as an active user of Twitter, Musk didn't fail to respond and gave us an answer about using solar panels.


With that said, Musk has just confirmed that the Cybertruck will come with an option to charge using the sun's power, adding 15 miles to the electric truck's range. Even better, Musk shares his vision of a self-charging or self-powered Cybertruck. He wants to do this by adding fold-out solar wings that would generate 30-40 miles per day. That's pretty nifty if you consider Musk's claim that the average miles per day in the U.S. is 30.

If you think about it, a Cybertruck with a 500-mile maximum range would be a viable daily-driver plus the addition of solar panels will make it an even more sustainable vehicle. You might not need to charge your Tesla by adding this option.

A number of Musk's Twitter followers liked his idea of a self-charging Cybertruck. One Twitter user (@georgmolzer) even suggested a website that helps solar cars find the best routes for maximum sun reception.

With that in place, the Cybertruck is really looking good in terms of features and could change the way we look at electric cars, more so, at an electric truck with deviant styling.

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