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The boom of the SUVs and crossovers basically reshaped the automotive industry in the 21st century. Like it or not, customers are buying more high-riding vehicles than ever, which forces automakers to rethink their model strategies. Similar to what happened with the station wagons, which were cannibalized by the then-booming minivans, the SUVs literally have no alternative on the market today – but at least one executive from the industry believes this could change at some point in the future.

We are somewhat happy to report that Volkswagen’s U.S. boss Scott Keogh believes there’s a rebellion against SUVs and crossovers coming. Keogh told Roadshow during the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show that an uprising against these two segments is imminent and he wants his company to be prepared for it.

"Rebellion tends not to come from 65-year-olds," Keogh admitted in Los Angeles.

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It seems that VW has already done a lot to prepare for any major shifts in the automotive industry. Considering the MEB-based ID Buzz, ID Buggy, and ID Space Vizzion take the shape of a van, a compact off-roader, and a wagon respectively, it wouldn’t be a stretch if we assume the Germans are already thinking a step ahead. After all, the EV architecture’s possibilities are "nearly limitless," as Keogh said.

So, is a rebellion against SUVs really coming? I guess no one could actually give you a complete answer to that question but it’s natural to believe that customers will eventually change their tastes. What could be the next big thing? Again, I don’t think there’s a clear answer to that question. But seeing Volkswagen’s stance on the matter gives us reasons to believe the future of the industry could be bright, after all.

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