The Tuatara is inching closer to production as SSC North America has announced they have completed testing the model's newly-developed twin-turbo V8 engine.

Displacing 423 cubic inches (6.9-liters), the engine will produce 1350 bhp (1007 kW) and 1280 lb-ft (1733 Nm) of torque when running on 91 octane fuel. If that isn't impressive enough, SSC says the engine is easily capable exceeding 1700 HP (1268 kW).

Despite being immensely powerful, the company says the Tuatara will be "amazingly docile" and offer "incredible daily drivable characteristics that truly mask the savage beast within."

According to SSC founder Jerod Shelby, "This amazingly versatile package has already shown that it can easily be driven on a daily basis in any climate or environment in the world and at the same time can roll out of the pit area onto a track like Nurburgring and easily handle any rigors that record will require."

Gallery: SSC Tuatara moves closer to production, engine rated at 1350 bhp

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