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Lamborghini is the latest automaker to create a Vision Gran Turismo concept, and the first teaser for it appears to offer a glimpse at the rear. The full unveiling is at the FIA Gran Turismo Championships on November 24.


At just a few seconds long, there's not much chance to see the Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo. Assuming this is the rear, then the vehicle has angular taillights with skinny, red LED strips, and Y -shaped lamp in the center. It's too dark to see much more.

Based on previous Vision Gran Turismo vehicles, expect the Lamborghini to look wild. Automakers generally use these models as an opportunity to create something without any concerns about marketability or realism for production. A ludicrous level of production is possible because the powerplant doesn't have to exist outside of the virtual world.

Gallery: Jaguar Vision Gran Turismo

As an example of how far designers can go for these creations, check out Jaguar's recent Vision Gran Turismo (gallery above). The stylists tried to take cues from the famous C-Type and D-Type race cars but adapt them to the future. The result was a sleek coupe with three electric motors making a total of 1,005 horsepower (749 kilowatts) and 885 pound-feet (1,200 Newton-meters) of torque. In the game, it was able to hit 62 miles per hour (100 kilometers per hour) in less than two seconds.

It's not clear how soon after the unveiling that the Lamborghini Vision Gran Turismo could be available to drive in the game. Expect an announcement at the FIA Gran Turismo Championships.

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