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The first all-electric Ford Mustang is here, and it’s controversial to say the very least. Interestingly, much of that controversy seems to stem not from the electric powertrain, but its five-door crossover body. Regardless of public opinion, Ford calls this a Mustang and we will give the automaker credit for really trying to make it engaging. That includes pumping fake engine sound through the speakers, but it’s not quite as simple as it, well, sounds.

We were privy to the faux noise during the Mach-E presentation and ride-along offered before the crossover’s official debut. The aural experience is something Mustang enthusiasts crave, and with electric power being silent, Ford saw fit to inject some V8 personality the only way it could. Depending on which drive mode you’re in, pressing the throttle delivers a subtle-yet-noticeable growl both inside and outside the car. It’s loudest in Unbridled mode – the liveliest drive setting for the Mach-E – and it’s completely quiet in Whisper mode as one would expect.

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What’s interesting here is that the sound isn’t just a straight V8 tone. As explained by Ford’s Dave Pericak at the media preview, there’s a sci-fi element that draws inspiration from movies like Blade Runner and Batman, because who doesn’t want a car that sounds like the Batmobile? Apparently, Ford spent considerable time research trying to develop just the right “Mustang” sound for the Mach-E that wasn’t just a straight V8 burble. Because you know, that would just be tacky, right?

Ford’s B-roll video embedded above offers a sample of the sound you hear under acceleration. It’s certainly audible, and there’s a definite V8 flavor in the mix. The question is whether buyers will find the noise interesting or utterly pointless. What’s your take on this attempt to give the Mach-E an audible soul? Let us know in the comments.

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