Despite having a rather embarrassing experience with a dyno session that resulted in some rather fantastic horsepower figures, Motor Trend turned its attention to the Chevrolet Corvette once again by gracing it as the magazine’s 2020 Car of the Year. It is a surprise? Not really, considering the near-universal praise the car has received throughout the media and enthusiast communities. The major accolades cited in this decision were the ‘Vette’s surprising comfort on the street, interior quality, value, and certainly its performance. More on that last part in a bit.

At this point, there’s really no debate about the C8 being a straight-up game changer not only in the performance car segment, but the supercar world as well. Chevrolet did well to keep the ‘Vette’s key statistics under wraps, and as such, we were impressed to learn it could reach 60 mph in three seconds. We were even more impressed with the interior quality – something often lamented by us media types in previous-generation models – but when Chevrolet said it would be available for less than $60,000 we were positively gobsmacked. Honestly, building a mid-engine supercar isn’t that tough. Infusing it with serious performance, legitimate all-around usability, and selling it for the same price as a well-equipped Chevy Silverado? Honestly, we’re still struggling to believe that.

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Speaking of which, Motor Trend was certainly at the center of some recent C8 drama regarding the car’s performance. We're speaking of course about the controversial dyno test that suggested the Corvette’s 6.2-liter V8 developed way more than the 495 horsepower advertised by Chevrolet. Specifically, the session pointed to the mill making no less than 650 hp, which we subsequently proved was statistically impossible. To Motor Trend’s credit, they followed up with a closer examination that showed two key metrics on the dyno were incorrectly set, thus making the results completely void.

However, in this new COTY article, we couldn’t help but notice Motor Trend referencing the C8’s engine as making “only 495 horsepower." Could there still be some speculation that Chevrolet has underrated the 2020 Corvette, despite the major errors from the infamous dyno session? At this point, we’ll likely have to wait until production models hit the market next March to find out for sure.

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