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Are you in the mood to spend some serious money this holiday season? 2019 hasn’t been the best year for automakers, with many companies reporting stagnant or declining sales compared to 2018. As such, there could be some pretty good deals for folks considering a new car purchase or lease. We’ve already featured some upcoming Black Friday pricing deals, and a fresh report from CarsDirect lists even more discounts from a plethora of manufacturers in the U.S. market, covering everything from sedans to trucks, and of course SUVs.

Naturally, there’s fine print (and not-so-fine print) that needs mentioning ahead of time. Some of the deals are region-specific, so you’ll most definitely want to check with your local dealership or at the automaker’s website to see if your location is part of the promotion. Most promotional lease or finance rates require good credit, and some deals cannot be combined with others. You know, all the basic stuff.

That said, here’s a shortlist of some noteworthy deals:


Employee Pricing (approximately five percent discount) and cashback for select 2019 models including:

Additionally, some of the best FCA deals include up to $8,211 off the Durango R/T, $7,797 on Grand Cherokee Limited, $5,213 off Pacifica Touring, and a full $10,323 off Ram 1500 Big Horn models. Also, Dodge will knock up to $7,970 off the Charger and Challenger as part of the automaker’s $10 per horsepower discount.

Ram 1500
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save over $3,400 on average off MSRP* on a new Ram 1500

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The automaker will take up to 20 percent off certain models, with the total depending on location and the various incentives used. We’ve already reported on discounts for F-150 trucks with specific packages, and we just found a $6,000 discount for the Flex. The Ford Mustang can also be financed at zero percent for six years.

Ford F-150
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save over $3,400 on average off MSRP* on a new Ford F-150

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Whereas other automakers are offering new car deals, Honda will sweeten the pot for its certified used vehicles. 1.9 percent financing for three years, 2.99 percent at five years, and 3.99 percent for six years will be available to qualified buyers on the following models:

2014-2019 Pilot

2014-2019 Odyssey

2014-2019 CR-V

2014-2019 HR-V

Honda CR-V
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save over $3,400 on average off MSRP* on a new Honda CR-V

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2019 CX-9 shoppers can get up to $1,000 off, though the deal could be limited to just the Baltimore / Washington D.C. area. Some locations have a $720 lease incentive as well, but if you prefer a sedan, a $1,000 discount for the Mazda6 is available in the Gulf states. There’s also a $500 upgrade bonus for the 6 if you currently own a Mazda3.

Mazda Mazda6
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save over $3,400 on average off MSRP* on a new Mazda Mazda6

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You can take $500 off the 2020 Altima and Rogue, which applies to a purchase or lease. Zero-percent financing for five years is also offered on those models, along with the 2019 Maxima and 2019 Murano.

Nissan Rogue
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save over $3,400 on average off MSRP* on a new Nissan Rogue

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It’s not often we see deals from Subaru, but the 2020 Ascent can be financed at 0.9 percent for four years. Also, the lease rate for Ascent drops by $20 per month. These offers certainly aren’t as lucrative as others we’ve seen, but with the way Subies hold value over the years, it could make for a mighty impressive long-term deal.

Subaru Ascent
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save over $3,400 on average off MSRP* on a new Subaru Ascent

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CarsDirect is continually researching and updating its list of deals. We’ll continue to cover those updates as they become available.


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