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The age of the all-electric Ford Mustang is upon us, like it or not. Perhaps of bigger issue to purists and fans of the iconic pony car is that this new Mustang Mach-E isn’t a pony car at all, but a modest five-door crossover with available all-wheel drive. Several times during the Mach-E’s lengthy reveal, Ford executives pledged the crossover “drives like a Mustang” and can hit 60 mph in the mid-three-second range.

However, only one Mach-E derivative can make that claim – the GT model. As such, it’s also styled a bit differently but in the world of electric cars, “performance” means range as well as acceleration and speed. Autoblog asked about different styling cues for the GT Performance edition of the Mach-E since it clearly stands out from the rest of the lineup.

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In short, Ford determined that performance-oriented buyers still favor a more traditional look, hence why the GT has an actual grille up front versus a solid body-color piece seen on other Mach-E trims. Or rather, it looks like a traditional grille. In reality, the GT’s grille is just as smooth because it has a clear cover so it can slice through the air as efficiently as possible.

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The GT also gets a slightly different lower fascia that has added vents and a prominent chin spoiler. Again, the name of the game here is increased efficiency, as the vents achieve some aerodynamic witchcraft that help offset extra drag from the GT’s larger wheels and tires. The lower spoiler, however, is said to add downforce for more grip at the front. That’s at least one bit of traditional performance this electric GT gets.

It will be quite some time before folks can sample the Mach-E’s highest performance offering. The GT isn’t slated to hit showrooms until 2021.  

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