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So, you were disappointed when earlier this month James May showed his new car and it was not an Italian supercar but a blue Tesla Model S P100D? Prepare to be even more frustrated then, as May has just unveiled his second new car in a 12-minute video on Drivetribe.

Once again, don’t let the Porsche cover fool you as this is not a sports car from Stuttgart. It’s not a sports car at all, and it’s definitely not coming from Germany. It’s not even powered by a traditional internal combustion engine – May’s new ride is a Toyota Mirai FCEV in a machine silver color.

In the clip, the former Top Gear host explains the reasons behind his decision to buy the fuel-cell vehicle and also explains the differences between a regular battery electric vehicle and a fuel-cell EV. We bet you know these differences pretty well so May only spends several seconds in detailing the powertrain characteristics of the two cars.

Next, he talks about the actual efficiency of a fuel-cell vehicle and compares the everyday suitability of the Mirai and the Model S. Obviously, the Californian sedan has a big advantage when it comes to recharging as there are just eight hydrogen filling stations in the entire United Kingdom.

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“I don’t know what the future of the car is going to be. I’m fairly convinced that they’ll be powered by electric motors in one way or another but I don’t know what we are actually going to do about the management and storage the electricity,” May concludes.

So, if you have to choose between the Model S and the Mirai, which one would it be? Maybe May’s upcoming comparison test between the two could help you decide.

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