It seems that there's always going to be some news about the eagerly anticipated Chevrolet Corvette C8 going around. From weird horsepower numbers and snow battles, there's a lot of anticipation for when the first cars will finally roll off the lots and into the hands of excited customers. So, while waiting, how about we take a loot at some of the optional parts that Chevrolet has made available for their most important car yet. In a video by Chevy Guy on YouTube, he flies to SEMA 2019 to get an exclusive look at the Chevrolet Corvette C8 hard top convertible, and does a walkaround on the accessories that owners can purchase, all before the crowds start pouring in. 

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With the recent delay of the Corvette C8 into February of 2020, owners can get a little bit more time to browse their catalog for the right parts they want to add to their cars as they arrive at showrooms. While most are purely comsetic, there are some interesting things to go for here, such as scrape armor for the front splitter. Coming in at $549, we think that's an excellent investment, especially once you start ticking other options such as the carbon fiber ground effects kit ($3,695), adding that extra layer of protection. The rest of the carbon fiber options come in the form of mirrors, which are nice, and the grille insert ($1,995), which is kinda pricey for a small bit of style points. There's even a red engine cover, red high wing spoiler, some premium interior carpets with 3D logos, and the Corvette script or emblems in red, white, or blue ($300 option). Then you have the lifestyle bits, such as bags, kits, and battery tenders. 

Once you start adding those options up, you're looking at close to $5,700 in the carbon fiber alone. Thankfully, it's all tastefully done, but that's still a pretty penny for any car buyer. At least the delay in production gives us time to save up. 


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