KFC opened a drive-thru only restaurant Australia that’s set to take fast food in the future. Thanks to a clever order-ahead app and a plethora of drive-thru stables KFC is feeding Australian chicken lovers at a record pace. 

As an American, it’s very shocking to see another country innovate on the beloved drive-thru. I was under the impression that drive-thru technology was at its peak in the old USA but it appears the Australians have changed the game. There's even a Tesla Model X owner enjoying a meal at this new-age KFC. 

Gallery: KFC Opens Drive Thru-Only Restaurant In Australia

There’s no seating and more importantly no long single file lines at KFC’s new innovative fast food destination. Customers can simply use the KFC app to order or use a traditional fast food sign which is available for those who prefer to order in person. 

KFC launched its pilot drive-thru only location in Newcastle, New South Wales Australia with a second location planned in just on the border into South Australia. The Newcastle location features 5 stalls rather than a single file line like a traditional drive-thru. This allows for the faster distribution of chicken and happier customers. 

In an interview with LADbible, KFC's Chief Development Officer at KFC Australia, Inara Gravitis explained "We are continually looking for ways to offer our customers even faster and more convenient ordering. KFC is committed to investing in technology and innovative restaurant designs. - so a delicious Kentucky Fried Chicken meal is only a click away! Since launching the app in 2013, it's been downloaded more than 1.3 million times, making our customers' ordering experience as customizable, convenient and time-saving as possible.”

Will this impressive new technology make its way to America and KFC loving countries around the world? Only time will tell, but based on this initial success, it looks very likely that the world of drive-thrus is ready for a paradigm shift led by KFC.

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