Admittedly, finding a wrecked performance car in a salvage yard isn’t shocking. We’re still drawn to the new Toyota Supra though, because it hit 2020 with literally years of hype from both Toyota and fans of the moniker. That led to some dealerships deciding the 335-horsepower sports car was worth more than a new Porsche 911, though we hope nobody actually caved and paid such a ridiculous price.

If you didn’t – and if you’re still Supra shopping – we suspect this particular model could sell for quite a bargain. It is a bit of a fixer-upper, needing just a front fascia, hood, fenders, fender liners, airbags, possibly an engine, definitely a bazillion hours on a frame-straightening machine, and possibly an interior detail to remove pee stains from the seats. Yes, this poor machine saw some serious action in its short life – just 576 miles register on the odometer – but for all the damage to the front clip, the rest of the car doesn’t look too bad.

Gallery: Wrecked 2020 Toyota Supra

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It’s offered up by and is resting peacefully at the company’s Long Island, NY location. Curiously, it's listed as being a Launch Edition model, though the lack of red mirrors and red interior trim suggest its a standard model, or possibly the red-trimmed pieces were removed and replaced with standard kit. No information is listed about how this collision occurred, nor do we know if anyone was injured in the process. Admittedly that casts something of a shadow over our cheeky bravado on this feature, but we’ve seen a few crashed Supras now and in each instance, extensive damage upfront reveals little-to-no intrusion into the cockpit. Say what you will about the car’s BMW roots, but the interior seems to hold up well under impacts.

This listing shows the actual cash value of the car as $54,661, with an estimated repair cost of $41,583. That’s 76 percent of the vehicle’s value, and while total loss factors can vary, exceeding the 75-percent threshold is usually a death sentence. That’s not to say this Supra couldn’t be fixed, but the future for this car is likely that of a parts donor, or possibly a race car for those already considering an extensive Supra rebuild project.

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