Acura is previewing a new crossover with the Concept SUV-X exhibited at 2013 Auto Shanghai starting today.

The Japanese marque announced at the beginning of the month a new concept for the Chinese auto show and we assumed it was a crossover. We were right as the Concept SUV-X is a small SUV which was designed specifically for the local market. It represents Acura's first ever concept to be unveiled outside of North America.

It has been confirmed a production version will go on sale in China in approximately three years from now. The concept is being characterized as offering "emotional and sharp styling and driving performance" along with "environmental performance" and the utility you normally get in an SUV. Unfortunately, Acura did not release any details about what powers the Concept SUV-X but most likely some form of hybrid tech is included.

Gallery: Acura Concept SUV-X arrives in Shanghai [video]

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