The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was literally built to drag race. The Toyota Supra was not, though as we’ve seen in countless videos, it can certainly hold its own in a straight-line contest. We can safely say, however, that you’ve never seen either of these cars racing in conditions like this. Here’s a word of warning for those of you who get a little weird when it comes to keeping things clean – especially your cars. This video gets seriously dirty, and we’re not talking about adult content set to cheesy music.

We usually see the Dragtimes team at, well, the drag strip. This time around the action comes from the desert near Las Vegas, where a post-SEMA gearhead gathering took place. For the record, a sweet trophy truck and a few side-by-sides were trucked out for some fun-in-the-sand, so this wasn't just a sand-blasting thrash fest for high-horsepower street cars. the first half of this video actually chronicles Brooks and his adventure in the high-speed trophy truck.

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As for the second half of the video, we’re not sure how the infamous Hell Cab Demon taxi ended up in the desert, but we see the Supra on the cruise out so presumably he's part of the posse. As such, racing tomfoolery in the wide-open space was as inevitable as Thanos, and that led to a side-by-side run between the Demon and the Supra. For the record, the Demon was running drag radials and you’ll absolutely surprised to learn such tires are completely useless in the desert sand. Score one more win for the Supra.

For other completely unknown reasons, a rather nice E30 BMW was also on the dry lake bed and its driver couldn't resist a shot at the Supra. This was actually much closer race, presumably because the classic Bimmer had tires with actual tread on the back. The winner of that contest? BMW of course, and by that we mean the BMW-powered Supra. Come on, you didn’t really think we’d let the obvious joke slide past, did you?

What’s not a joke is the sand, which by the end of the day appears to have properly consumed the poor Supra. Whoever ends up cleaning that car better get one helluva tip for service above and beyond the call of duty.

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