It all depends on your preferred trim.

Earlier this year, Buick expanded its lineup by squeezing in a new model between the Encore and Envision – the Encore GX. It is longer than the standard Encore by three inches, and, depending on the trim, cheaper than a regular Encore. Cars Direct is reporting the 2020 Encore GX will start at $25,095, including destination. That’s just $900 more than the Encore that starts at $24,195, and a clear advantage for the GX when you begin comparing higher trims.

However, once you start comparing trims, the Encore GX is cheaper. Comparing Preferred trims gives the GX a $500 advantage over the Encore – $25,085 and $25,595, respectively. Choose the Essence trim, with front-wheel-drive, and the GX is $29,495, $800 cheaper than the Encore Essence.

The GX also offers other advantages than saving a few dollars. The GX is three inches longer than the regular Encore. While that may not seem like much, the GX has 4.7 more cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row.

The GX also has a powertrain advantage, too. The Encore only has one engine choice, a 1.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder making 138 horsepower (102 kilowatts) paired with a six-speed automatic. The GX has two engine choices, including a 155-hp (115 kW) 1.3-liter engine that’s optional on Select and Essence trims and standard with all-wheel-drive-equipped models. The bigger engine also pairs with the nine-speed automatic, which is different than the CVT available on the smaller, 137-hp (102-kW) engine.

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The negligible price difference between the Encore and Encore GX is strange, but not surprising. It allows Buick to better position the GX to compete in the crowded crossover segment. It features an updated design, more choice, and more room for a small price premium. The 2020 Encore GX will be the first model year in the U.S., and you can expect Buick to watch the sales of both closely.

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