All looks safe here.

The BMW 1 Series is all-new for the 2020 model year. And while it won’t be available in the United States, it remains an important global model for the Bavarian manufacturer. The front-wheel-drive hatchback may look a bit controversial but relies on solid mechanicals and should be quite capable on the road. Actually, how capable, you might ask? Let’s find out.

Gallery: 2020 BMW 1 Series

The km77 channel on YouTube put the new 1 Series to the moose test to learn more about its behavior at high speed. As you probably know already, the moose test is one of the trickiest road safety exercises that a car can be put through. It’s supposed to simulate an object, person, or animal (like a moose, obviously) coming out in front of a fast-moving vehicle. The driver is then supposed to be able to swerve to avoid the obstacle, all while maintaining control of the car.

The test for the hatch starts at 48 miles per hour (77 kilometers per hour), when the car remains safe and moves in a way “that feels natural for the driver,” despite its relatively soft suspension. However, this speed proves to be too high for the 1er and it hits two cones. The highest entrance speed the team achieved with no cones hit was at 45 mph (73 kph). “The 1 Series changes direction easily and the body rolls is moderate,” summarizes the test.

km77 points out that the car had the standard suspension and Bridgestone Turanza T005 225/40 R18 88Y tires. With the M Sport chassis and different rubber, the hatch could perform better and the channel promises to do another test and compare the results.

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