The SUVs of yesteryear pale in comparison to today’s high-tech, leather-wrapped, and off-road capable high-riding offerings. However, while automakers tend to accentuate a crossover or SUV’s off-road prowess with squared-off wheel wells, plastic cladding, and tough names of faraway places, not all are equal. Jeep built a reputation on its off-road capability, as did Land Rover, though the British automaker has become more upscale since its inception. In the video above, the Jeep was a bit more prepared for the sand – as you’d expect from a towing company specializing in off-road recoveries – than the Land Rover Range Rover.

The video opens with the recovery crew discovering the Land Rover buried to the bottom of the doors. The large SUV sunk when it reached the soft sand. The Jeep has it pulled out within minutes. But all that happens in the first four minutes of the 11-minute video. Well, the Range Rover gets stuck in the soft sand again, requiring another pull from Jeep.  

The recovery crew keeps the Land Rover in view when pulling away, and for a good reason – it gets stuck again, helping the Range Rover with the tow rope for about a half-mile until they reached firmer ground. According to the video’s description, the sand would get too disturbed underneath the tires to carry the SUV's weight and sink. Once the Land Rover reached the firmer ground, the drive was able to put it through its paces.  

The Land Rover is also an excellent example of what happens when you hit the trails and you’re not fully prepared. The tires look like stock rubber and may not have been up to the challenge off some surprise off-road fun. Either way, the recovery went without any significant issues, and the owner appears to have taken the experience in stride, which is all you can do really.   

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