Can you actually make the 90s Riviera pretty?

The Buick Riviera started life as a gorgeous luxury coupe in the 1960s, but by 1995 the Riviera’s clean muscular lines gave way to a swooping curvey coupe which ended production in 1999. The Riviera was an important car for Buick but that final 8th generation design never caught on as poor sales lead to its demise. This leaves us wondering, is it even possible to save the design of the final Buick Riviera?

Well, TheSketchMonkey is ready to get to work and do his very best to create a beautiful 8th generation, Riviera. Can his photoshop skills turn the bland Buick into a stunning coupe like the original? 

Gallery: 1995 Buick Riviera Rendered As A Modern Luxury Car

When the Buick Riviera debuted in 1963, the new personal luxury coupe received high praise from the automotive media at the time. Buick used a bespoke body shell for the Riviera which was unique for General Motors products at the time. It was also lighter than other Buicks and used stiffer springs resulting in a fairly sporty driving experience when compared to contemporary American cars. During the 1963 model year, Buick limited production to only 40,000 units to create more demand and add exclusivity to their new coupe. 

As time went on the exclusive Riviera slowly lost its appeal. Eventually, the Riviera was reduced to a familiar name to slap on a coupe shared across GM’s brands. With declining coupe sales in the 1990s, Buick decided it was time to put the Riviera to rest.

TheSketchMonkey had his work cut out for him with this video. To take the bubbly Riviera body and turn it into something you want to buy required a great deal of focus and planning. With the continued decline of coupe sales, we will most likely never see a new Riviera from Buick, but if it looked this good I wouldn’t mind.

Source: TheSketchMonkey