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Believe me when I say that I will try to keep the concrete and rock puns to a minimum in this article. In this episode of "we do it because we can", the guys over at Garage 54, a Russian YouTube channel dedicated to everything automotive and experiment related, have finally completed the finishing touches on their UAZ. What finishing touches? Well, nothing like a nice clean coating of concrete. No, not a coat, more like several layers. Sure, it'll dry up and weigh a ton, but at least your paint is protected, right? Of course, they have to actually drive the thing.

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For those of you who don't know, UAZ is a Russian manufacturer of trucks, buses, and off-road vehicles. They vary from the military to civilian variety, and the one in this video seems to be a variant of the UAZ-469, which has been in production for over 40 years now. Also, it primarily came with a pair of engine choices: both are four-cylinder mills, but one of them is a 2.5-liter with a little over 70 horsepower, and the other is a 2.7-liter with 112 horsepower. It is known the world over as a robust and capable off-roader, offering a ground clearance of up to 12 inches. Well, none of that matters when they literally pour cement over the thing, plus take out the suspension and place some metal bump stops to prevent the thing from dropping to the ground, and you've got a pretty tough nut to crack. 

Also, take note that you're gonna be limited to just the front windscreen, so visibility can be lacking for those grocery runs. Also, the brakes decide to work when they want to. Thankfully, the engine and transmission will handle the weight without complaint, which is good since stopping is heavily dependent on how much road you have and what's in front of you. Check out the video for a good laugh. 

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