In 1994, Audi showed the world that practical and high performance can be in the same sentence. Based off of the Audi 80 their RS2 Avant would forever earn them a place in motoring history, offering timeless good looks and performance that was ahead of its time, all while being able to seat five in comfort. That was exactly 25 years ago, and to celebrate the RS2 Avant's birthday, Audi decided that a certain video needed to be shot and edited for airing; a fitting tribute to what could have been. The said video can be watched above or at this link, and shows how it was secretly hidden in Audi's "An Avant Story" short film. In the video is what we believe is the perfect ad for the Audi RS2 Avant, complete with the unfortunate "Not Available in The U.S.A." disclaimer right at the beginning. 

Gallery: Never-Aired Audi RS2 Avant Ad Released 25 Years Later

The footage is shot with all the retro vibes and graphics that would not look out of place in your usual sales ad in the late 80s or early 90s. It's a nice trip down memory lane, complete with the over-enthusiastic narrator and hard-selling pitches such as a "Hi-Fi Stereo with cassette player as standard". The video perfectly encapsulates everything about what Audi wanted to convey with their first-ever practical supercar estate, letting everyone know that this is the result of a very strong partnership wth Porsche. Even one of the last few scenes shows the performance numbers and actual modifications done to the car in order to reach those zero to 60 mile per hour times. And apparently, "We tried putting all this in a standard sedan. But alas, no." The humor is perfect. 

On another note, if you've ever needed a reason to look up some used Audi RS2 Avants online, this is the best one there is. And 25 just happens to be the legal and correct age to import one to the United States. Better late than never, right?

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