A 2020 BMW 330i could be a cheaper lease.

Leasing has its benefits. However, just like when you go to buy a car, it’s best to shop around. A new report from Cars Direct highlights this by looking at a regional leasing offer for the 2019 Toyota 86. It makes financial sense for those living in the San Francisco Bay Area wanting to lease the 86 to look elsewhere. 

According to Cars Direct, the featured lease for the San Francisco Bay Area has the Toyota 86 at $489 for 36 months, and that’s with an additional $3,499 due at signing. That will get you the entry-level trim with the automatic gearbox that starts at $28,330. Spread the $3,499 due at signing across 36 months, and lessees are paying $586 a month. Ouch. The publication considers this one of the worst cars to lease right now after analyzing over 370 leases from 29 brands. 

A better option for those looking to scratch the sports car itch is the 2020 Subaru BRZ, the 86’s platform sibling. Toyota and Subaru jointly developed the model, and Subaru gave it its own stylistic twist. According to Cars Direct, the 2020 BRZ Premium is $126 cheaper at $460 a month. Customers could even jump up into something more luxurious such as the 2020 Jaguar XE S P250, that’s $476 a month to lease. Even the 2020 BMW 330i could squeak under the 86’s leasing price at $540 if you are switching brands and can claim the $1,000 conquest bonus.

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Or you could buy one. Toyota is offering Southern California buyers up to $5,500 in savings – $3,500 that’s available on all 86 trims and an additional $2,000 when buying the TRD SE trim. The lease has no such incentives, keeping the lease price unusually high for a sub-$30,000 sports car.