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The Hyundai Veloster N is a seriously good hot hatchback, and with the standard model starting at $27,400, it’s already a tempting purchase for new-car shoppers. A recent report from Cars Direct suggests it could be even sweeter with some new incentives from Hyundai, taking the form of both discounts and financing offers.

Specifically, Cars Direct cites a dealer incentive bulletin as listing a $500 rebate for the Veloster N. An additional $500 rebate is available if you finance through Hyundai, bringing the total discount to $1,000. There’s a catch, however – that extra $500 is only offered if you finance at a non-promotional rate. What does that mean exactly?

Hyundai’s other incentive is a 2.9 percent finance rate for up to five years, plus the original $500 rebate. That’s the promotional deal, and depending on the term of the loan and how much you finance, nixing the extra $500 discount for the special rate could save you well over $500 in the long run, and even offer a lower monthly payment in the process. It should be noted that the incentives apply to the upgraded Veloster N with the 275-horsepower (205-kilowatt) performance package as well.

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We’ve driven the Veloster N and found it to be an exceptionally good performance machine for any genre, not just the front-wheel-drive hatchback segment. Similarly, Road & Track recently crowned the Veloster N as its 2020 performance car of the year, besting not-insignificant competition such as the Porsche 911, Toyota Supra, and the all-new mid-engined 2020 Corvette.

Often times, automakers will announce incentives to encourage sales of slow-moving models, but the Veloster is well ahead of 2018 sales figures. 11,220 units are sold through October 2019, compared to just 8,857 last year. Still, that’s a mere fraction compared to the 139,052 Elantras sold through the same period, so we can understand Hyundai adding a bit more incentive for folks to sample its exquisite hot hatch.

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