A virtually new McLaren F1 is for sale in Japan at a yet undisclosed price tag.

This bright yellow 1996 McLaren F1 is in excellent condition taking into account it hasn't been driven at all. It was bought no less than 17 years ago by a wealthy Japanese customer who probably considered this as an investment since he wasn't curious at all to test the V12 6.1-liter BMW engine powering what was at its time the fastest production car in the world (243 mph / 391 km/h).

Judging by the fact a UK dealer sold an F1 last year for 5.5M USD, this pristine condition unit will probably be sold for more than 6M USD since it's probably the only zero-miles McLaren F1 of all 64 units standard street variant built (plus five LMs, three GTs, five prototypes, 28 GTRs and one LM prototype).

More photos are available at the second source link below.

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