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These days, vanlife machines come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they aren’t even a van, as is the case with the latest EarthRoamer build that was just announced. Based on a Ford F-550 Super Duty truck, the LTi combines all the amenities of off-grid camping with high-tech equipment, carbon fiber construction, and serious off-trail capability to literally find your own way through the wilderness.

With its bones being a massive Ford Super Duty, the EarthRoamer LTi isn’t a lightweight by default but that doesn’t mean improvements over standard campers can’t be made. The LTi’s shell is entirely carbon fiber, which not only reduces weight but adds significant strength to the entire vehicle. Weight matters in any automotive application, but for a large RV that has aggressive off-road capability, reduced mass with a lower center-of-gravity is a tremendous benefit.

It also allows the LTi to carry an impressive amount of fuel and water for extended off-grid adventures. Freshwater capacity is 100 gallons, with 60 gallons devoted to greywater. A 95-gallon fuel tank supplies diesel for the 6.7-liter V8, but what you won’t find are propane tanks or an on-board generator. That’s because EarthRoamer packs the roof with enough solar panels to generate 1,320 watts of power, as well as an 11,000-watt hour lithium-ion battery pack to run things inside.

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Inside, the LTi can be made-to-order in multiple configurations with seating accommodations for up to six people, and sleeping arrangements for four. Regardless of the specific layout, you’ll find a full kitchen and bathroom, not to mention sofas, a reconfigurable dining area, over-cab bunk, and impressive storage both inside and out.

Such capability doesn’t come without a cost. Each EarthRoamer is built by hand at the company’s headquarters in Dacono, Colorado, and pricing starts at $590,000. That doesn’t seem to deter eager customers, however, as EarthRoamer says there’s presently an eight-month waiting list from order to delivery to get one of these epic overlanders.

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