The 308 RC Z concept car is a new Peugeot interpretation of driving pleasure. The car is a 2+2 coupé, with true versatility and at the same time a style that is modern, original and well-balanced.

Set to make its debut in Frankfurt this September along side the all-new Peugeot 308 3- and 5-door, the 308 RC Z concept car makes a serious play for the Audi TT. The 308 RC Z manages to take the TT's design a small step further with more aggressive stance while still making it distinctively Peugeot with the signature front end and 207 CC like rear boot overhang.

Aiming to be a driver's car, the 308 RC Z concentrates on keeping the vehicle's weight down. By using aluminum suspension components, carbon fiber trim and a polycarbonate rear window amongst other weight saving tricks, the 308 RC Z weighs in at a respectable 1200 Kg (2645 lbs).

The 308 RC Z gets the same 1.6 liter THP engine from the 207 RC. However, this concept gets revised engine management giving 43 more horsepower from 175 (128 kW) to 218 (160 kW). With 300 Nm of torque available at full boost, the 308 RC Z sprints up to 100 km/h in 7.0 seconds and reaches a maximum speed of 235 km/h.

Style wise, the most noticeable feature other than the bulbous wheel house panels and 19-inch wheels is the curved roof/rear window. The use of polycarbonate allows the shape to be molded in a way which normally would not be possible with conventional safety glass.

Also, looking at the interior, it really becomes obvious Peugeot is targeting the Audi TT with an upmarket cabin showing plenty of chrome, aluminum and leather.

In regard to safety, just like the 308 hatchback, the RC Z gets Lane Departure Warning System and directional bi-xenon headlamps as well as Peugeot's emergency telematics system.

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