We’ve featured quite a few videos from the Wheels YouTube channel, focusing on drag racing action at Mission Raceway Park near Vancouver. Many of those videos pit old-versus-new models going head-to-head down the strip, and this time around it’s an all-Mustang affair. It’s actually much more than that, however, because the family bond goes beyond the pony badge. These two Mustangs are driven by father and son, and they’re seriously competitive.

Say hello to Jason and Justin Gibson. Honestly, we don’t know much about them or details on their cars, but we do know Jason is the elder racer with the elder car – in this case a 1966 Mustang coupe. Justin’s Mustang is a 1990 Fox Body notchback so it’s not exactly new, but it has 24 years on his father’s first-generation steed. Of course, age matters not in drag racing and both of these cars have absolutely no problem tearing down the strip.

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The video was posted on November 1, showing a series of races between the duo over what appears to be multiple events. Ultimately the details don’t matter because both cars repeatedly rip low-nine-second passes. Performance-wise it seems the cars are evenly matched, and judging by the massive quarter-track burnouts each man rips, the competition between them isn’t just related to running the quickest time. There's clearly some one-upmanship at work here, and on that front, we have to give the nod to Justin for some truly epic wheelstands in that Fox.

Does such a display of power translate to victory at the other end of the track? The video features three races, and dad wins at least one of them. All the races are extremely close, but at the end of the day, this whole family wins sharing a love of racing. Hit the video to see which family member wins more than most.

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