This 910+ hp Porsche 911 Turbo should, in theory, be able to beat the Veyron by 1,5kph in regards to top speed

Targetting the Veyron

H&R is known the world over for their sport suspension and chassis components, as well as maintaining a prominent sponsoring presence with many motorsport teams. It is safe to say that H&R is a company on a mission. Back in August 2006 during a six hour endurance race at Nurburgring which ended in an early accident, the Mission 400 Plus project, was born. The foundation of the Mission 400 Plus project saw a cooperation between H&R and RS Tuning to build a record breaking 400 km/h street legal sports car. Later that year the 1054hp Porsche 911 Turbo prototype was presented at the Essen Motor Show. Simultaneously, the 9ff engineers in Dortmund have been working hard on their own 400+ Porsche GT9 project. This 910+ hp Porsche 911 Turbo should, in theory, be able to beat the Veyron by 1,5 km/h in regards to top speed, but we won't find out until the GT9 actually hits the track at Nardo later this year. The official presentation of the GT9 will take place some time after Frankfurt. After an initial surge of interest in these two projects, a new tidbit of information has sparked our curiosity once again. H&R has become a main sponsor of the 9ff GT9 while cutting its losses with RS Tuning. It is not entirely clear why H&R jumped ship, but rest assured the Veyron record will be challenged. Also, two new images of the GT9 have surfaced! So stay tuned and let the speculating begin... will the Veyron be dethroned?

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