It seems like Chevrolet wants to keep its SUVs and crossovers in the center of the spotlight in the U.S. The Equinox compact crossover gets another set of discounts this November, fuelling the ever-increasing popularity of these high-riding cars.

According to a report by the GM Authority, Chevy is dropping the Equinox's price by up to 20 percent as part of the brand's Black Friday sales event. With this, it's expected the crossover's sales numbers will continue to rise, following the reported 2 percent sales increase during Q3 of 2019.

The maximum 20 percent discount applies to MY 2019 Equinox units. For a 2019 Equinox AWD Premier with an MSRP of $40,250, the discount equates to a $1,833 price reduction plus a $6,217 cash allowance for a total of $8,050. This brings down the price of top-tier Equinox to $32,200.

Newer MY 2020 Equinox units, on the other hand, are also part of the November offer. With a 15 percent discount employed, a 2020 Equinox AWD Premier, with an MSRP of $41,165, will get a new price tag of $34,991 after the mentioned cashback.

Chevy's Black Friday discounts run until December 2, 2019, and interested buyers should be willing to take the delivery on or before the said date in order to qualify. The mentioned discounts are available for cash transactions only.

But just in case you're financing the 2019 Equinox, a zero percent APR (interest-free) for 72 months and a total of $2,250 total cash allowance will be given to qualified applicants who will borrow from GM Financial. The 2020 Equinox, on the other hand, gets a $750 APR cash and a zero percent APR for 72 months, also through GM Financial.

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