Another product of Nissan/ Mitsubishi co-operation, the new Nissan KIX mini SUV which will be publicly shown in the metal for the first time at the end of October.

It’s not K.I.X. but KIX, as in “kicks” and it’s due for Japanese release at the end of October. The KIX is Nissan-badged but is supplied to Nissan by Mitsubishi under agreement. The two companies co-operate on certain levels, especially in LCV sector, and this being one of those levels. KIX is a rival of such legends as the Suzuki Jimny and will probably utilise the same engine as the Mitsubishi Pajero Mini, which is that 660cc, 64PS unit with a turbocharger and 88Nm. It’s not clear yet what type of drive will be in place (2WD, 4WD, both) and no announcement has been made regarding export to other markets either.

Nissan KIX Announced