It could be a far better choice than you might expect.

It’s no secret that the team loves campers and RVs. Perhaps you’ve seen a few of our articles featuring big campers, small custom-built wagons, or even strange bomb-shaped trailers, and now you’re ready to experience the RV world for yourself. Sticker shock might make you think otherwise, but what about buying a used rental RV?

That’s the question posed by Five2Go on YouTube, who recently visited a Cruise America location in Denver to check out what a used rental motorhome might be like. Most auto enthusiasts are aware of the perils and potential nightmares with buying a used rental car, but according to this clip, former rental RVs could actually be significantly better than simply getting a seldom-used secondhand RV from a private owner.

Apparently, Cruise America installs quite a few upgrades into its motorhome fleet, which certainly makes sense given the amount of use these machines are subjected to. The video points out everything from a heavy-duty grab handle at the entrance, to extra floor lights, commercial-grade fabric for the furniture, stainless steel hardware in the kitchen and bathroom, and a proper porcelain toilet, among many other things. Also, there’s no carpet to be found anywhere in this particular Ford-based rig, which should make for easy cleaning.

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Other advantages one may not consider are a lack of an outside ladder, so as to keep eager renters from mucking about on the roof. Also, there’s no front window for the bedroom atop the cab, as it can get damaged quite easily while on the road. As for maintenance, this RV is fitted with all kinds of extra access panels to reach areas that might otherwise require extensive disassembly to reach. That’s a definite plus.

We did some informal checking with other RV sales and rental services and further learned that these machines can actually suffer a harder life when not used regularly. Seals can dry up, components can break down, and a general lack of use also often means a lack of maintenance. According to the video, Cruise America follows a regular maintenance schedule – pretty much a necessity if you don’t want an angry family demanding a refund over a broken-down RV in the middle of nowhere. And when they go up for sale, the Cruise America units are repainted and adorned with fresh vinyl accents.

We obviously can’t speak for all rental motorhomes, and as with any expensive purchase, buyers should always be diligent with regards to inspections. This video certainly gives us a very different perspective on used rental RVs, however, and with the price of this big 28-footer in this clip being around $30,000, it’s certainly far cheaper than going brand new.

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