It’s Halloween, and depending on where you’re reading this fun little feature, you’re either prepping to go trick-or-treating, partying hard in your crazy costume, or recuperating at home – possibly stealing some of the candy your kids canvased so diligently to obtain. An extremely unlikely scenario is that you encountered a zombie apocalypse, but if the undead have indeed risen in your neighborhood, the JCT600 Zombia 3000 Survivor is here to help. Theoretically, anyway.

This flight-of-fancy comes from, and as you can see, it takes no prisoners. Once upon a time this may have been a Land Rover Defender, which is appropriate since the Zombia 3000 is designed to defend you from the forces of darkness. To accomplish that, it gets a plow up front, a missile launcher at the back, dual (yes, dual) flamethrowers, and more steel-reinforced windows than you’ll find on a pawn shop in the sketchy part of Chicago.

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What about the stats of this zombie killer? The JCT600 Zombia features a 4.66-liter engine making 466 horsepower and 366 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough to get this 1,666-kilogram PAV (Post-Apocalypse Vehicle) to a top speed of 166 mph. We’re starting to sense a trend here, and honestly, we’re a bit considered. Between all these 666 references and the demon-shaped wheels, perhaps this undead-fighting machine is actually undead itself. But, with a price of – wait for it  – £666, we so don’t care.

If you haven’t already, jump over to the “sales” page for this machine at the source link below. The website has a range of hilarious Easter eggs for this creation, such as the k1llzomb135 VIN and its delivery time upon purchase, which is 28 days. If you’re lost on that one, look to the big screen for a hint.

Here’s hoping your Halloween is packed with Zombia 3000-inspired adventure, but without the brutal violence. We’ll see you on the other side of the quarantine zone.

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