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Farms are havens of creative engineering because when a piece of equipment breaks there's often a need to come up with a fix in the field to keep the work going. When it's time to have fun, this ingenuity can be especially useful. As a perfect example, check out this homebuilt off-road buggy that's a GMC Sierra with everything gone except for the seats, instrument panel, and all of the components necessary to make the truck move. 

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The truck (if you can still call it that) has a few mods that make the creation even more fun. The Duramax V8 turbodiesel engine has a software tune and intake to make some extra power. It now rides on big mud tires that sit on three-inch spacers in the front and six-inch extensions in the back. There are also three LED light bars on the front and one on each side.

This rig looks like lots of fun for cruising around a farm and the surrounding forests. It's plenty quick in a straight line and can speed across the barren cornfields with ease. Deep mud can't stop this thing, either.

In the woods, the lack of a bumper, grille, or brush bar doesn't seem like a major problem, at least in this video. The vehicle crashes through trees and over logs. There aren't even traction problems when swamp water is higher than the rear axle.

If you like watching this truck driving around, check out the video below that chronicles portions of the teardown process. There's also an opportunity to watch some torture testing that includes bending the tie rods during some hard launches in a field.

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