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It could be something, but at the same time, it could be nothing. A rather interesting small clay model of a swoopy coupe makes a brief appearance in a recently published video on the official Mercedes-Benz account on YouTube. The 90-second clip features Lewis Hamilton visiting the company’s design center in Sindelfingen, Germany and checking out the spectacular Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 Cabriolet concept from 2017.

While normally there’s nothing newsworthy about the multiple Formula 1 champion dropping by Mercedes’ design headquarter, the video suddenly becomes interesting from the 0:35 mark. We can see a mysterious two-door coupe with a front fascia inspired by the One hypercar. It’s certainly not the AMG Vision GT from 2013, and we’re wondering whether the three-pointed star might just be providing an early look at the next-generation GT Coupe.

Prototype Mercedes
Prototype Mercedes
Prototype Mercedes

Nothing is official at this point, but someone asked on YouTube the exact same question we have in mind at the moment – is this the new two-door GT? Mercedes responded with “We’ll have to see what future is waiting for us” and put a winking face at the end. While the company’s answer is not a confirmation, it’s also not a denial, thus leaving the door a little bit open. One possible scenario is that we're looking at a rejected design proposal, but whatever this is, it sure looks nice. 

The car is undoubtedly sleek and close to what you’d expect from a Mercedes performance coupe of the early 2020s. It does need doors and mirrors, but considering this is only a clay model, it’s normal at this stage for the car to not have all design details. The bulging fenders would likely be even more appealing on an actual vehicle, and it looks the One’s front end design will trickle down to lesser performance models. We don’t have a full view of the coupe’s rear, but the diffuser appears to be quite large and the taillights are more compact than those of the current GT.

Speaking of which, Mercedes isn’t done quite yet with the model’s first generation as the Black Series won’t be unveiled until 2020. AMG boss Tobias Moers has already announced the next-gen car is being developed alongside the all-new SL and both will utilize the Modular Sports Architecture (MSA). These two cars are expected to effectively replace the S-Class Coupe and Convertible, which are both allegedly on their way out.

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