Ford is in the midst of a lineup transformation by betting on SUVs with the rollout of a Mustang-esque electric pony on stilts as well as the Bronco’s return in two sizes. Someone decided to combine these two important names in the Blue Oval’s heritage and create the Mustang SUV before Ford’s very own model scheduled to debut on November 17.

Gallery: 1965 Ford Mustang on Bronco frame

Discovered by our colleagues at Jalopnik, the interesting ad on Facebook Marketplace shows a 1965 ‘Stang with a more than generous ground clearance thanks to the chassis sourced from a 1973 Bronco. We’ve decided to nickname the questionable mashup the “Mustanco,” and you can have it for a mere $4,000. According to the seller, the car has been sitting for years, which isn’t all that surprising taking into account the jacked-up Mustang has been devoured by rust.

The fastback is in serious need of some TLC just about everywhere you look, but it might just be worth the effort as the idea of an original Mustang with Bronco bones is oddly intriguing. Needless to say, purists will argue that such a contraption is blasphemy, but then again, Ford is about to SUV-ify the Mustang. Mitsubishi turned the Eclipse into a crossover, so nothing is impossible.

If this is your cup of tea and you’re brave enough to take on what appears to be a hugely demanding project, the seller is located Belleville, Michigan. Here’s what he has to say about the part Mustang, part Bronco experiment:

"I have a 1965 Fastback mustang sitting on a 1973 Bronco frame! Been sitting YEARS you know what it needs! So don't ask me if this and that is rusty! It's a rough Fastback with compete interior including fold down and clean fastback title and all tags! Motor is a 302 with unique bronco C-4 and 52 1/4 9 inch! Will roll! Delivery possible! SERIOUS ONLY! IM 30 MILES WEST OF DETROIT IN BELLEVILLE MI!"

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