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Volkswagen has quietly introduced a Caddy Pick-Up concept at the Poznan Motor Show in Poland.

Bound to draw attention, the concept features a bespoke rear end with a short bed and new sliding rear doors. We can also see an extended body, a dual exhaust system and a unique tailgate that opens towards the passenger side.

Volkswagen didn't have much to stay about the model, but it is powered by a 3.2-liter V6 engine that develops 250 HP (184 kW).

The pickup was shown alongside a Caddy limousine concept which has a "very long body" as well as a luxurious interior with a television and a minibar.

While the Poznan Motor Show might seem like an odd place to introduce a couple of Caddy concepts, it makes perfect sense because Volkswagen's Poznan plant builds the Caddy as well as the Transporter.

Special thanks to Pawel for sharing the pictures!

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